How Many Legs Do You See in This Confusing Optical Illusion?

People love optical illusions. At first glance, one would assume that people don’t like to be confused. However, as it turns out, scientists have discovered that the human brain loves to learn and when it sees an optical illusion, it gets “excited” about being tricked. This makes us determined to solve the optical illusions we see. Optical illusions have a long history and people have been studying them for centuries. As early as the 5th century B.C., a philosopher named Epicharmus first presented an explanation for optical illusions. He believed that when our minds understand everything clearly, the sensory organs (eyes, nose, and ears) can deceive us, thereby presenting us with an optical illusion.However, a different Greek philosopher named Protagoras disagreed. He felt that the environment fools us, not our senses. What do you think? Whatever it is, all I know is that optical illusions are fun. In the one below, how many legs do you see?Here’s a clue: don’t focus on just the red shoes. Look up as well. When you’re ready for the solution,But how many legs are there? There are 22.

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