18 Cats Reacting To Salad That Prove Cats Are Our Spirit Animals

Cats aren’t vegetarians.

I know many vegans or vegetarians like to keep their pets on the same diet as them. And while I applaud those people for thinking about the earth and going vegan, I don’t applaud their efforts to turn meat-eating species into vegetarians. Because their bodies don’t break proteins as ours do. And so they need meat. But some people just aren’t willing to listen to the truth and want to hear just what they like.

Changing your cat’s diet while on doctors’ orders is a different thing but doing it on a whim and trying to keep them align with yours is just cruel. It has been proved time and time again that carnivores will choose meat over vegan food every time so why force something on them. We as humans can choose what we want to eat but animals are forced to eat whatever they get. So please be kind and feed your pet the proper diet. 

On another note, we have some cats reacting badly to a salad. Some are photoshopped salads while others are real. However, every cat’s face is hilarious. So scroll below to take a look.

#1 ‘Do you think I’ll like this?’

#2 ‘Now you are just playing with me.’

#3 ‘I am so done with all this.’

#4 This kitty is ready to pounce on someone and tear them to bits.

#5 ‘I am not going on a diet no matter what.’

#6 ‘I am not hungry anymore.’

#7 ‘This isn’t good for my health.’

#8 You can see the digust on her face.

#9 That snarling face is everything you need to know.

All jokes aside, lettuce and some greens aren’t actually bad for your cat as long as you also feed them proteins. However, some cats even crave green as they can be dense in nutrition and can hydrate your cat. So it may seem weird but cats aren’t as opposed to salads as one might think. And some people even feed their cats tuna salad to change up their diet which some love. So it all depends on your cat.

#10 I would never mess with this kitty.

#11 ‘You really think this will help with my wrinkles?’

#12 ‘I did not get punched in the face for a salad.’

#13 This cat is not happy with hoomans decisions.

#14 ‘That this away before I break all the furniture.’

#15 ‘I will never be hungry enough to eat this.’

#16 ‘What am I? A rabbit?’

#17 Atleast the puppy looks happy with the salad.

#18 The salad is almost as big as the floof.

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